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Often inadequate ventilation

Since the first climate agreement in Kyoto in 1997, Germany, like many other nations, has committed itself to measures to mitigate climate change. In this context, the term "energy system transformation" is also often used, which, in addition to climate protection targets, also includes targets for the sustainable and thus generationally equitable use of resources. While the successes of the energy revolution in transport can only be described as hesitant, the electricity sector is making visible progress and the heating sector is making the greatest progress.

Progress in the heating sector, in which the energy consumption of buildings dominates, can be attributed to three technological pillars.

o Thermal insulation in new buildings and refurbishments
o Air-tightness in new buildings and renovation work
o Increasing renewable shares to cover heating loads

As effective as the lobbying work of the insulation industry has led to mandatory insulation standards for new buildings, lobbying work that is committed to people and their preservation of healthy living conditions would also be desirable.

Although the legislator demands for new buildings to be erected the assurance of the minimum air exchange for the purpose of health, the majority of all new living objects does not become fair a ventilation which can be called healthy. A multiplicity of the objects does not even reach the air change owed.

o You have a right on the secured minimum air change in the new building

Politicians, on the other hand, focus on construction costs and the duration of building construction in times of scarce living space. Who should be surprised at a time when prominent politicians in the debate about traffic-related pollution at traffic-intensive hotspots are proposing the solution of shifting the measuring stations or adjusting the limit values upwards. The well-being of the people and their health were certainly not the main reason for this.

Dr. Nobis Energy Systems Engineering is committed to energetic building solutions which, without compromising air quality, do not allow concerns about long-term health disadvantages for our citizens to arise.

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