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1 Making optimum use of internal energy
Making optimum use of solar energy
Calculation of the solar radiation
3-Energiemanagment gering opaker Gebäude
Energy management of low opaque buildings
5-Heat recovery
Heat recovery
6-Analyse-und-Antworten 960x172
Analysis and evaluation
City districts -2-960x172
Urban energetic concepts
7 - CORONA Virus web
Reduction of the risk of infection
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Infection risk – ventilation concepts in comparison

Which ventilation concept is suitable to reduce the risk of infection in rooms with high occupancy?

The scientific discussion to be referred to here compares different airflow forms and their ability to reduce the risk of infection. In summary, all devices that do not prevent air mixing in the room or even promote it can be denied the ability to significantly reduce risks. Only stratified ventilation as a practicable ventilation solution for new buildings as well as for refurbishment considerably reduces infection risks.

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