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Making optimum use of solar energy
Calculation of the solar radiation
Energy management of low opaque buildings
Process optimization of industrial procedures
Heat recovery
Analysis and evaluation
Urban energetic concepts
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One-dimensional system

An example: The photovoltaic collector

A simple example is the photovoltaic collector. Depending on the angle of incidence of the sun, the intensity of the sun and the temperature of the collector, this collector has an electrical yield that can be functionally described in relation to the input radiation.

If this collector is now linked to the weather, idealised or described by weather data, a system already results. For the described permanently installed collector under the defined weather conditions at the defined location, the result is exactly the same for this system configuration.

One-dimensional reacting system - permanently installed photovoltaics

If the collector is extended by a tracking system to optimize the solar angle of incidence, the system becomes more complex.

The questions within the system view can be, for example, the following.

o How much higher is the yield of a one-dimensional tracking compared to a two-dimensional tracking?

o How expensive may the equipment be to justify one- or two-dimensional tracking in comparison to a rigidly aligned collector?