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Making optimum use of solar energy
Calculation of the solar radiation
Energy management of low opaque buildings
Process optimization of industrial procedures
Heat recovery
Analysis and evaluation
Urban energetic concepts
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If questions of concretization and dimensioning arise within innovation management, the execution of feasibility analyses or building simulation, no long ways to implementation are necessary. Dr. Nobis Energy Systems Engineering supported by

o 3 D - constructions
o Thermal calculations
o Design of heat exchangers
o FEM based load calculation
o Calculation of three-dimensional temperature fields

Temperature field within a special profile

All engineering tasks have one thing in common. A clearly defined task ends after its processing in a clearly and comprehensibly documented report and, if necessary, in execution drawings

Detailed reports are part of the quality standard

Upon request, Dr. Nobis Energy Systems Engineering accompanies the implementation through to commissioning. All in the spirit of a pronounced solution orientation.