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1 Making optimum use of internal energy
Making optimum use of solar energy
Calculation of the solar radiation
3-Energiemanagment gering opaker Gebäude
Energy management of low opaque buildings
5-Heat recovery
Heat recovery
6-Analyse-und-Antworten 960x172
Analysis and evaluation
City districts -2-960x172
Urban energetic concepts
7 - CORONA Virus web
Reduction of the risk of infection
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Seize opportunities

Energy Systems Engineering is committed to a guiding principle. Changes in the way energy and raw materials are provided and used offer unimagined opportunities.

We will be happy to help you achieve the goals of your energy project, perhaps outstanding in the economical use of energy, convincing in areas of living or working comfort, architecturally unusual, conveying a customer philosophy.

Significant changes in the use of energy can be achieved above all by means of mature, efficient systems that are suitable for series production. The serial concept makes technologies interesting. For the environment - because it is efficient and ecological; for people - because it is affordable; for industry - because it attracts considerable economies of scale; for society - because needs and desires lead to innovation and prosperity. We believe in the ecological and economic potential of energy system transformation projects while at the same time improving the quality of life.

In short, a win-win situation for everyone who breaks new ground without fear.

Dr. Nobis Energy Systems Engineering accompanies development projects and technical developments, supports the elaboration of building concepts and energy systems with the implementation of energetic simulations and accompanying engineering, helps with change processes and efforts towards innovation success.

Dr. Nobis Energy Systems Engineering not only provides answers to our customers questions, but also actively helps to find solutions and implement them. This starts with the joint brainstorming, the evaluation through feasibility analyses and the detailing through methods of classical engineering. System analyses are used to comprehensively evaluate interacting influences. Dr. Nobis Energy Systems Engineering provides all-round answers.