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Making optimum use of solar energy
Calculation of the solar radiation
Energy management of low opaque buildings
Process optimization of industrial procedures
Heat recovery
Analysis and evaluation
Urban energetic concepts
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Our services in overview

Extract of our service
- Energetic urban redevelopment
- District concept/ redevelopment management
- Energetic progress control
- Energetic calculation of your building measures
- Self-sufficient houses
- Energy-efficient building refurbishment
- Systemic sources and sink adjustment
- Energetic optimization of your industrial processes
- Handling of solar radiation
- Consulting for modern home ventilation
- Report on residential ventilation
- Heat recovery consulting
- Offer of selected lectures
Energetic urban redevelopment
If you wish, we will accompany you, starting with the definition of the district, through the development of the energy district concept and not ending with the refurbishment management. We attach particular importance to energy progress control and accompanying monitoring for quality assurance.
District concept/ redevelopment
Based on the energetic district concept, the implementation has to be coordinated. The refurbishment management requires public relations work on the one hand, and on the other hand professional competence for the implementation and control of the energy-related measures. We are happy to take over the coordination for successful implementation.
Energetic progress control
It can be observed in many communities and municipalities that a large part of the attention is directed towards the lowest energy-related renovation potential. This can be prevented by balancing what has been achieved. We are happy to take over the progress control and prepare regular progress reports.
Energetic calculation of your building
The coordinated interaction of insulation work, building dimensions, solar gains and loads and user behaviour has a significant influence on the ecological and economic efficiency of the building system. We analyse and optimise in a joint dialogue with you.
Self-sufficient houses
Complete decarbonization can only be achieved by houses that are independent of fossil fuels. This applies to heating as well as to covering electricity and vehicle energy.
No matter how ambitious your goals for your building are, in us you will find the right committed partner to create your energy concept. We stand for a balanced construction method that combines quality of life, health and energetically sophisticated solutions.
Energy-efficient building refurbishment
Europe's long-term goal is complete decarbonisation. In this way, fossil fuels will become more expensive in the short to medium term under political control. You can escape this by refurbishing your building. We will be happy to assist you in developing your energy concept.
Systemic sources and sink adjustment
The skilful division of base and peak load producers, also with regard to the use of renewable energies, helps to minimize investment costs and increase efficiency. Sustainable systems take into account the expected development of the energy turnaround.
Energetic optimization of your industrial process
Industrial processes often require a large proportion of process heat. Energy Systems Engineering takes up the status quo and develops proposals for the energetic optimisation of your processes.
Handling of solar radiation
In many cases the solar radiation is sufficient to meet the necessary energy demand, both for cooling and heating. However, the time-dependent behaviour must be taken into account in the system design for use.
Consulting for modern home ventilation
The increasingly dense construction reduces the natural ventilation and forces to create a ventilation concept. In many cases, insufficient ventilation can be found in completed buildings. We help with the conceptual design.
Expert report on residential ventilation
The increasingly dense construction method often leads to insufficient ventilation in completed buildings. We inspect executed ventilation systems.
Feasibility analysis of your idea
Is my idea feasible, is it affordable? When is the payback expected? With which partners can implementation take place and how long is it expected to take? We analyse your idea with an open and unbiased view. This gives you security in relation to your investment.
Heat recovery consulting
More dense buildings force ventilation. Without the use of heat recovery, there are clear limits to the goal of low-energy buildings. We advise on the dimensioning and selection of the type of heat recovery. The highest degree of heat recovery is not always the best solution.
Offer of selected lectures
Energy Systems Engineering regularly offers lectures on selected technical issues. Currently offered lectures are listed separately. We would be pleased to complement your event with one of our presentations.

Energy Systems Engineering is committed to the uncomplicated process for the customer. From the offer to the feasibility study, from the brainstorming to the implementation. The focus should be on uncomplicated solution competence. This starts with the initial contact and the quotation process. In this menu you will find exemplary procedures for the individual services, […]